Which brand of the high and low temperature test chamber is better?

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At present, there are many manufacturers of high and low temperature test chambers. There is no more accurate answer as to which brand of high and low temperature test chambers is good. After all, this industry is not as transparent as other industries and has a wide audience.

So what kind of high and low temperature test chamber brand is better, mainly from the following aspects:

1, refrigeration system

A good refrigeration system can achieve energy saving and electricity saving and has a long service life. For example, Noki instrument uses a French original imported compressor, which has good cooling effect and low noise.

2, controller system

What we are using is a 7/10-inch Chinese and English color night crystal display, which is simple to operate, easy to learn and understand, and the temperature control resolution can reach 0.01 degrees. It supports remote control by mobile APP, and can set 120 groups, 1200 segments, and cycle The number of times is up to 999 times, and each segment is set up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

3, circuit system

Using foreign original imported electronic components, it is stable and durable, and the cables are neatly arranged. Each line has a label, which is convenient and quick to troubleshoot.

4, service system

New machine factory temperature midnight test and verification, attached factory verification report, the whole machine free warranty for 1 year, regular on-site maintenance every quarter, 4 hours in the province, 24 hours outside the province quick response.


Noki Instrument has a professional R&D team and core technology to keep the high and low-temperature cycle test chamber in good condition.

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