What to pay attention to when buying a second-hand constant temperature humidity testing machine?

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Testing instrument temperature environment test box

1. Cleaning of water channels and humidifiers: If the water channels are not smooth and the air humidifier is fouled, it is easy to cause the air humidifier to burn, which is likely to destroy the air humidifier. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the water channel and air humidifier on time.

2. Perseverance, after each experiment, set the temperature around the working temperature, turn off the switching power supply after 30 minutes of work, and wipe the cavity of the personal working room.

3. If the machinery and equipment are to be demolished, it is best to carry out under the specific guidance of the testing instrument technicians to prevent unnecessary damage or damage to the machinery and equipment.

4. When the long-term shutdown is not in use, the product should be plugged in every half month on time, and the plug-in time should not be less than 1 hour.

Be cautious when choosing a second-hand constant temperature and humidity testing machine

1. The original factory that used the machinery and equipment closed down, or the machinery and equipment could not be used, which led to the injection of the machinery and equipment into the second-hand market. Such machinery and equipment are generally cost-effective, but very scarce.

2. The application of this machine equipment exceeds the deadline, its characteristics and safety cannot be guaranteed, so it is sold as scrap, and then slightly improved by professional technicians in the second-hand market, and finally turned into a second-hand constant temperature and humidity box, this type of machine Equipment is very common, generally cost-effective and extremely low especially low safety performance.

Warm reminder: Second-hand constant temperature and humidity boxes are not impossible to buy. For a certain level, if you encounter the first situation mentioned above, you can buy it, but it is very rare. If the second situation is encountered, the company that purchases a second-hand constant temperature and humidity box cannot guarantee its rights and interests.

Environmental test chamber structure and materials

1. Inner box material: SUS3042B high-grade stainless steel sheet;

2. Outer packaging material: SUS3042B high-grade stainless steel plate or thick steel plate electrostatic spray solution; the bottom of the equipment selects a high-quality movable PU theme wheel. It is easy to move.

3. Tailgate: Single-switching door, double rubber sealing strip anti-dew heating device is installed in the middle of the gate (set around the gate to be able to add subtropical zone);

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