What is the function of the sensor in the thermal shock test chamber

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The thermal shock test box can be used to test the structure of raw materials or polymer materials, which can withstand the extreme high temperature and ultra low temperature in a continuous natural environment in an instant, so as to test the heat rise in the shortest 5sec~5min. For the chemical reaction or physical damage caused by cold shrinkage, the available targets include metal materials, plastics, vulcanized rubber, electronic devices… and other raw materials, which can be used as a basis or reference for product improvement. So what is the function of the sensor in the thermal shock test chamber? Let us understand together below:

The thermal shock test chamber sensor is generally called the PT100 sensor. The thermocouple and thermal resistance in the capacitance grid temperature measuring instrument are the most common temperature detection electronic devices in industrial production. A brief introduction to the basic concepts and characteristics of gas, the basic concept of precise measurement of thermal resistance sensors in the cold and thermal shock test box: a thermocouple is a temperature sensor electronic device, which can convert temperature signals into thermal potential difference signals, which are measured according to electrical equipment The cooperation of the meters can accurately measure the temperature being measured. The basic element of thermocouple temperature detection is the thermoelectric effect.

In a closed loop composed of two different materials of electrical conductors A and B, when the two contact points of A and B are at different temperatures T and To, a thermal potential difference will be caused in the control circuit. In other words, the Seebeck effect is white. Electrical conductors A and B are called thermal power plant level. The end with a higher temperature (T) is called the working upper end (usually welded together by arc welding); the end with a lower temperature (To) is called the casual end (generally at a certain stable temperature). According to the thermal potential difference and the temperature function. Can be made into thermocouple detection range table. The detection range table is obtained under the specification of To=00C at random end temperature. Different thermocouples have different detection range tables.

When connecting the third metal material polymer material in the thermocouple control circuit, if the temperature of the two contact points of the raw material is the same, the thermal potential difference caused by the thermocouple will remain unchanged at all times, that is, it is not easy to suffer from the third metal The composite material is connected to control the damage in the circuit. Therefore, when detecting the temperature of the thermocouple, a measuring instrument can be connected. After the thermal potential difference is measured, the temperature of the chemical substance to be tested in the thermal shock test chamber can be grasped.

The above explanation is the function of the sensor of the thermal shock test chamber. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it. If you want to know more about the thermal shock test chamber, please contact customer service online or call The company’s service hotline (upper right corner of the website) for consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality services!

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