What industry is the constant temperature and humidity test chambers suitable for?

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The material and manufacturing principle of the constant temperature and humidity test chambers

(1) The cavity of the personal working room is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel plate and mirror stainless steel. The boundary layer is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

(2) The casing is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate for processing and forming

(3) Surface electrostatic induction powder spraying is solved by high temperature, and it is corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to separation

(4) The thermal insulation layer is made of rigid polyurethane foam and ultra-fine thermal insulation materials

(5) Dedicated motor, filter heat convection cooling fan to achieve compressive strength, heat convection, vertical external diffusion circulation system

(6) The imported stainless steel plate control panel is specially made of air ducts, and the separation fan is selected, which can reasonably ensure the temperature uniformity in the experiment box

(7) The refrigeration unit adopts the unitary Taikang fully enclosed refrigeration compressor unit imported from the Netherlands, and the refrigerant adopts the European II regulation of DUPONT enterprise.

Are the constant temperature humidity test chambers suitable for the automotive industry?

PC equipment: Because the PXI slot is an extension of the PC side panel, all system software must be correctly booted every time the card is inserted.

In addition, some modular design LXI instruments and equipment, such as Agilent 34980A multi-purpose power switch/accurate measurement module, are suitable for “hot-swapping” or inserting the card when the switching power supply is turned on.

Driver software: When the PXI system software is correctly booted again, the PC will identify the newly connected machine and equipment according to the machine equipment search steps and the high and low-temperature test chamber. This generally requires free download and installation of machine equipment driver software. But LXI doesn’t need to do that: it uses a local area network connection, and there is no need to restart the PC when connecting or disconnecting instruments.

The limitations of the driver software are likely to cause problems and consume a lot of time, as described above. LXI standard application IVI-COM driver software can be more simple in a variety of development and design work environments. Most of the modular design LXI equipment does not have a front panel, but its embedded web page prompts customers to simply open a web browser on the connected PC to learn and train the role of the equipment.

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