What conditions need to be met by the test frame of the ozone aging test chamber?

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The ozone aging test box is a method to stimulate and strengthen the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, study the law of the action of ozone on rubber, quickly identify and evaluate the rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent protection efficiency, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve The service life of rubber products; the outer shell of the equipment is mainly made of cold plate spray molding, and the inner tank is made of stainless steel; what are the requirements for its test frame?

The equipment is composed of a shell, electronic components, and an ozone generator; the two ends of the sample are fixed with clamps under the required elongation. When in contact with ozonized air, the length of the sample should be the same as the airflow Parallel; the material of the fixture must be something that is not easily decomposed by ozone, such as aluminum;

The rotation speed of the sample is between (20^-25) mm/s. In a vertical dry airflow plane, each sample continuously moves along the same path; the time for the same sample to rotate once is ( 8^-12) min. The scanning area of ​​the sample is less than 40% of the effective area of ​​the test box; the preparation of the sample should meet the requirements of GB/T 9865.1; the sample should be cut from the newly molded test piece, if necessary, Can be cut from the finished product; each test condition uses at least 3 samples; the width of the long standard sample is not less than 10mm, the thickness is 2.0mm±0.2mm, the length of the sample between the two ends of the fixture before stretching is not less than 40mm;

The requirements of the test rack are so high, of course, the placement of the sample is also an important factor that needs to be paid attention to because the placement of the sample may affect the experimental results, causing the results to be biased and inaccurate; therefore, the ozone aging test box is used. When testing, we need to pay special attention, to make the test results more accurate.

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