What are the precautions for using the constant temperature and humidity testing machine?

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Energy-saving thinking and the design of constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning systems is the primary problem that a broad range of engineers and technicians need to face. The constant temperature and humidity central air-conditioning system is different from other air-conditioning systems in that it has special requirements for the invariance of indoor temperature and humidity. Some temperature fluctuations require control within 1 degree Celsius, that is, it fluctuates up and down 0.5 degrees Celsius, and there are also higher requirements for humidity. Temperature and humidity are not only controlled by external and indoor conditions but also affect each other.

For example, when the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius when the temperature fluctuates by one degree Celsius, the relative humidity will fluctuate by about 4%. With the rapid improvement of mechanical processing technology, the fluctuation of temperature and humidity is required to be smaller, which puts forward higher requirements on the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system, which will also greatly increase the energy consumption of the air conditioning system.

To reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to carry out an energy-saving design for the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system and use a constant temperature and humidity test box for experiments. In addition, because the constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system method mostly uses traditional units, the current high-efficiency variable refrigerants are rarely used. Flow centralized air conditioning system. If a multi-part split air conditioner with the variable refrigerant flow is used, the cost of the cold and heat source of the constant temperature and humidity air conditioner can also be reduced, and energy-saving can be achieved.

Regarding the all-air system used, there is a phenomenon of offsetting cold and heat in air handling, resulting in a significant increase in operating energy consumption. At present, the constant temperature and humidity air-conditioning system have a special place with other air-conditioning systems. It is to design and build a high-precision constant temperature and humidity room, which usually adopts an all-air system.

1. The circuit breaker and the over-temperature maintainer are for the test products of this machine and the safety maintenance of the operator, so please check it regularly.

2. Avoid opening and closing the refrigeration unit within 3 minutes.

3. If heating samples are placed in the constant temperature and humidity test case, please use an external power supply for the control of the sample power supply instead of directly using the power supply of the machine.

4. stop testing explosive, flammable, and highly corrosive substances.

5. Please read the manual of this machine carefully before operating this machine.

6. Please note that the machine is indeed grounded safely to avoid electrostatic induction.

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