What are the disadvantages of the refrigeration cycle of the high and low temperature test chamber

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What are the disadvantages of the refrigeration cycle of the high and low temperature test chamber:

The refrigeration cycle management system of the alternating high and low temperature test environment test chamber is a closed management system composed of refrigeration units, coolers, simple filtering devices, capillaries, and air-conditioning evaporators welded by copper pipes. The management system is filled with a certain amount of refrigerant. With the function of the refrigeration compressor, it converts the bottom pressure ultra-low temperature vapor refrigerant that absorbs the heat in the air conditioner evaporator into ultra-high pressure vapor refrigerant and enters the cooler for refrigeration. It vaporizes and forms the refrigerant, and continuously circulates the system in the refrigeration management system to achieve the actual effect of refrigeration.

The refrigeration unit of the high and low temperature test chamber is a Taikang hermetic refrigeration compressor, which is the driving force of the persistent refrigerant circulation system. If the suction and exhaust pipes of the refrigeration unit of the tester are broken or there is a slim vent leak, the breathing or displacement that constitutes the management system will be reduced, the working hours of the refrigeration unit will be extended, the air conditioner evaporator will not fully or not frost, and it will not be able to achieve cooling. The actual effect. Therefore, pay attention to the piping of the refrigeration management system during application.

How to ensure the quality of environmental test chamber

1. From the price specification:

Temperature range: temperature uniformity; temperature fluctuation; temperature error; environmental humidity fluctuation; environmental humidity error; environmental humidity uniformity; personal studio capacity; whether the product contains the calorific value and other related technical specifications and models;

2. Details of equipment for high and low temperature test environment test chamber:

Sheet metal materials:

A. The cabinet adopts Shanghai cold storage board heat-resistant high and low temperature cold storage board;

a) Case

: 1.5mm cold-rolled thick steel plate electrostatic spray, milky white;

b) Insulation layer: 100mm thick and high-density foamed polyurethane with halogen-free flame retardant, 40kg/m3;

c) Inner cavity: 1.5mm for wooden floor and 1.2mm for others, made of SUS304 stainless steel plate.

In order to improve the service life of the shell, the stainless steel plate of the inner cavity between the blocks should be welded by TIG welding when the bottom plate of the cold storage board is installed. In order to reduce the deformation of the inner cavity of the cold storage plate caused by electric welding and temperature transformation thermal deformation, the welding part is designed to deform the seam, and the decorative panel is modified.

Air duct: choose side air intake and top exhaust air,

The wooden floor evenly weighs 500kg/㎡. There is a trap and odor-proof floor drain in the design plan, and the condensed water in the tank is immediately discharged.

The rigid composite thermal insulation piping board with halogen-free flame retardant is selected to carry out thermal insulation, from top to bottom:

3mm non-slip aluminum plate,

1.2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate, overall electric welding, completely avoid water seepage ↓

Round steel + building wood square to enhance the insulation layer↓

Color Gang Case↓

Housing base.

B. The internal raw materials are made of stainless steel SUS#304 stainless steel;

C. The bearing capacity of the base plate is ensured by the horizontal round steel to ensure that the laboratory is installed in a plan, and the round steel and the round steel are arranged in a drainage matrix with an interval of 500mm. A load-bearing building wooden square is installed in the heat insulation layer of the laboratory base plate, and a 3 mm non-slip aluminum plate is modified on the stainless steel base plate to ensure that the bearing capacity of all the base plates is evenly balanced.

Various testing instruments that must be used for testing electronic device products

1. Temperature and humidity system test

Ultra-low temperature, high temperature, alternating cold and humidity test, high and low temperature test impact test, steady cold and humidity test, temperature transition test, temperature/ambient humidity composition cycle system test

The required machinery and equipment are:

High and low temperature test chamber (can carry out high temperature, ultra-low temperature, temperature change detection, etc.)

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber (can complete stable cold and humidity test, alternating cold and humidity test, temperature/environment humidity composition cycle system test)

2. Anti-corrosion testing

Kb corrosion resistance test, alternating corrosion resistance (sodium chloride solution) test, sulfur dioxide test of point contact and connection parts, hydrogen chloride test of point contact and connection parts, mixed gas corrosion test of the theme activity, pre-impregnation test of cleaning Jizhong, High concentration sulfur dioxide test, accelerated air erosion test

The required machinery and equipment are:

Corrosion resistance test box, sulfur dioxide corrosion resistance test box (or called sulfur dioxide corrosion test box), corrosion resistance alternate change test box.

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