Volkswagen Chooses Noki Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

NOKI Chamber am11:06

SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. (“SAIC Volkswagen” for short) is a Sino-German joint venture, operated by SAIC and Volkswagen Group. The company signed a contract in October 1984 to lay a foundation, and it is one of the oldest auto joint ventures in China. The company is headquartered in Anting, Shanghai, and has successively established production bases in Nanjing, Yizheng, Urumqi, Ningbo, Changsha and other places.

Looking forward to the future, in the new era of transformation and transformation of the automotive industry, SAIC Volkswagen will insist on innovation-driven development, and always be market-oriented, continuously improve user satisfaction, and strive to become a “trustworthy, most valuable, and innovative automotive joint venture. enterprise.

Beginning in 2015, Volkswagen has successively purchased Noki constant temperature and humidity test chambers, salt spray test chambers, walk-in constant temperature and humidity laboratories and other products for reliable experiments and use of automotive interiors, components and vehicle environments. Good feedback.

application effect

Noki constant temperature and humidity test chamber adopts self-developed LCD programmable control system, with cooling control and high-speed processing capabilities, which can save power consumption according to test requirements.

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