The definition of humidity in the terminology of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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Frequently Asked Questions in the Practical Operation of the High and Low Temperature Chamber

1. The door of the high-low temperature chamber still maintains high temperature, which may cause burns.

2. Be sure that the shell must be grounded safely to prevent tip discharge.

3. Prevent continuous opening and closing of the refrigeration unit within 3 minutes.

4. If the hot test sample is built in the high and low temperature box, please use an additional switch power supply for the switch power supply operation of the sample. It is forbidden to use the switch power supply of the equipment immediately.

5. The power circuit isolation switch and overheating protection device are for the safety maintenance of the equipment and its operators, so please maintain it regularly.

The definition of environmental humidity

The environmental humidity of the term constant temperature and humidity test chamber refers to the composition of water vapor in the steam. Common air humidity, absolute humidity, and moisture content indicate environmental humidity. They are related to each other and can be converted according to formulas. Below is a description of the different definitions of air humidity, absolute humidity, and moisture content.

Air humidity: The ratio of the mole fraction Xv of water vapor in the body’s moisture to the mole fraction Xsv of water vapor in the saturated state under the same temperature and working pressure standard. The mark U indicates U=(Xv/Xsv)100%.

Equipment maintenance and management method of thermal shock environmental test chamber

1. Inspect the posture sound of each cylinder and fitness sports parts carefully according to “listening” to identify whether it is working normally, if abnormal sound is found, immediately shut down for inspection;

2. Pay attention to whether the marked values ​​of each barometer, air compressor air tank and cooling tower barometer and grease barometer are within the required scope;

3. Pay attention to whether the temperature of the motor, the temperature of the rolling bearing and the status of the ammeter and the ammeter are all normal, and the current cannot exceed the rated voltage of the motor. If it exceeds, find the cause or shut down the inspection;

4. Frequently check whether there are dirt or even conductive objects in the motor, whether the electromagnetic coil is destroyed, whether the motor stator and motor rotor are rubbed, otherwise the motor will burn out after the motor is running;

5. If it is a water cooler refrigeration compressor, if the water cannot be introduced immediately after the water is stopped, to prevent the cylinder from cracking due to uneven heating and cooling. After parking in winter, the cooling circulating water should be drained to prevent the cylinder from freezing and breaking;

6. Check if the temperature and total flow of the cooling circulating water are normal;

7. Check the grease supply condition and the oil condition provided by the air intake system of the fitness exercise organization (some refrigeration compressors are equipped with plexiglass plate baffles on the side of the crosshead slide rail of the shell, which can immediately see the crosshead fitness exercise and Lubricating grease supply status); cylinders and fillers can be inspected with single-sided cutting to add oil, which can check the oil dripping of the refueling pump into the cylinder;

8. Check whether the oil level in the oil sump of the shell and the grease in the refueling pump are less than the scale line. If it is low, it should be filled up immediately (use the oil dipstick to stop and check);

9. Be good at checking whether the temperature of the suction and exhaust pipes and other parts of the cover of the crankcase ventilation cross slide of the shell is normal;

10. Check whether the refrigeration compressor is vibrating, and whether the anchor bolts are loose or falling;

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