The basic characteristics of high and low temperature test chamber

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The basic characteristics of the high and low temperature test chamber:

1. The temperature control instrument of the high and low temperature test box adopts an imported instrument panel, with PID adjustment, SSR output, rapid self-tuning value, digital display information, and convenient reading.

2. Set up heat-resistant sealing strips and clamping devices for the tailgate, personal working room, and cabinet to reasonably ensure the airtightness and thermal insulation properties of the shell.

3. The personal studio and the sample rack are made of stainless steel plates, and the outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous.

4. With overheating maintenance and control circuit overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection, the application can be trusted.

5. The refrigeration unit adopts the Dutch “Taikang” genuine fully enclosed refrigeration compressor to ensure the ultra-low temperature reliability of the high and low temperature test chamber.

The general reference main parameters of the high and low temperature test chamber:

1. Internal specifications: 40×50×40cm

2. Temperature range: -70℃~100℃ (180℃)

3. The precision of temperature and humidity analysis: 0.1℃/0.01℃

4. Temperature linearity: -70℃~100℃±2℃

5. Temperature range: -55℃~80℃, the average value of the whole line is 18℃, the average value of the line is 18℃/min

6. External materials: special steel coating

7. Internal material: SUS#304 imported built-in heating tube

8.Broken bridge thermal insulation window raw material: PU polyurethane foam glass fiber cotton

9. Circulation system equipment: aluminum profile multi-wing wind transmission

10. Electric heater: SUS#304 imported heating tube

11. Refrigeration system software: air-cooled fully enclosed refrigeration compressor units imported from European and American countries, radiator-type air-conditioning evaporator

12. Manipulation method: Balanced temperature control automatic control system (BTHC), PID method control S.S.R

13. Other equipment: viewing window (30*26cm), inspection hole (∮50*1), sample rack (2 groups), overheating protection device, visual dialog

14: Safety device: no fuse over-voltage protection, refrigeration compressor over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, heating, and air burning, overheating warning system in the box

Switching power supply: Ac3∮380V/220V±10%, 50/60HZ


What is the difference between the constant temperature and humidity test box and the high and low temperature test box?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber and the high and low temperature test chamber are two kinds of shells with different experimental functions in the natural environment experimental equipment. In terms of appearance, the two are basically the same. Now let’s compare each part.

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