Temperature analysis, maintenance, and repair during inner box test

NOKI Chamber am9:14

Carry out maintenance and overhaul on it on time

1: Before the experiment, everyone should eliminate the residue inside the shell, and the high and low voltage power distribution room should be removed at least once a year. In the case of cleaning, we can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust in the room. Because the shell is in direct contact with the outside, the shell of the environmental test chamber is most susceptible to erosion and contamination. Therefore, the outside of the shell must be cleaned once a year. In the case of cleaning, it can be scrubbed with soap and liquid.

2: The cooling and heating system software inside the constant temperature and humidity test box must be carefully and carefully after each experiment. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it needs to be repaired immediately. It is not possible to quickly cool and heat under the condition of preventing the experiment.

3: Each component in the box must not be loose, so be sure to tighten it at intervals. The constant temperature and humidity test box accurately measure the length of capillaries: the return bronchus is not connected to the refrigeration compressor and is open. Start the refrigeration compressor of the high and low-temperature test chamber, and when the barometer reading is stable, record the reading at this time to clarify the basis for the length of the new capillary. Then stop the refrigeration compressor, remove the old capillaries from the barometer, and replace them with new capillaries about 2m up and down. Start the refrigeration compressor of the high and low-temperature test chamber. At this time, the steady reading of the barometer is generally higher than the previously recorded reading. Cut off a section of new capillaries moderately. When the steady reading is the same as the previous record, the length of the new capillary is the best.

Temperature analysis during inner box experiment

1. Because the thermal conductivity of the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the box wall of the personal studio are different, some have wire holes, inspection holes, and detection holes, which cause part of the heat removal and heat conduction, which makes the temperature of the shell uneven, and then The radiation of the box wall is not symmetrical to the heat transfer of the widespread flow, which harms the symmetrical temperature. 2. The airtightness of the shell and the door is not tightly closed, for example, the non-customized sealing tape has seams, the door leaks, etc., which will endanger the temperature uniformity of the indoor space during work.

3. If the volume of the experiment target is too large, or the part or method of the experiment target placed in the high and low-temperature test environment test chamber is not suitable, the air convection inside will be blocked, which will also cause a large temperature uniformity error. For example, placing experimental products on the side of the windpipe will seriously harm the circulation system of the wind, and the uniformity of the natural temperature will be greatly harmed.

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