Talking about the composition and structure of the salt spray test chamber

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The body of the salt spray test box is composed of a laboratory, a control box and a base. The laboratory is a key part of the standard for simulating the natural environment of corrosion resistance. Its key function is to present a sealed test room space and automatically control the temperature according to the set temperature. The laboratory, control box, and base are made of PVC board, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, high compressive strength, and not easy to crack. The top cover is made of transparent PVC material, and the whole set is made of PVC board material.

The compressed air control system of the salt spray test chamber is composed of pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, oil-water separator, solenoid valve and other components. The key role is to continue to show the AKY series of anti-corrosion testing machines to clean the compressed air of the automatic spray system 4 of the testing machine. After the compressed air is filtered by the oil-water separator, the vapor passage is divided into two methods: one is to adjust the operating voltage for two times, and the solenoid valve and saturator are used as the nozzle of the air energy heat pump; the other method is to adjust the overflow The valve, which is operated by a solenoid valve, is used as a laboratory for discharging mist water.

The heating and heat preservation method of the salt spray test chamber selects the jacket heating method. This method has the advantages of rapid heating, uniform temperature distribution, and very good heat preservation effect. Humidification is 2 time adjustments and compressed air for spraying, heating and humidifying the sprayer equipment machinery equipment in the saturated state to ensure that the vapor source of the sprayer is cleaned, and the source of the vapor is guaranteed to ensure sufficient environmental humidity. In addition, it is not necessary Lower the temperature in the laboratory. The key of the electrical equipment control system of the salt spray test chamber is composed of switching power supply safety management, temperature control and high temperature and high pressure protection equipment, heating power supply circuit and gas power supply circuit, and electromagnetic induction control loop.

The fog test box uses a hidden water level observation window; the closing cover is made of a transparent plexiglass plate, which has excellent heat preservation and imageability in the case of a sprayer. The software of the automatic water discharge system can automatically fill the water level when the water level is not enough. The test is not easily terminated. The salt spray test box uses high-precision laminated glass nozzles to make the fog uniformly spread out and of course fall on the sample to ensure continuous operation for 4000 hours without crystal salt blockage. The sprayer tower is equipped with a cone-shaped disperser, which has the functions of guiding mist, adjusting the amount of mist and evenly weighing the amount of mist. The saturated gas barrel is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate heat-resistant barrel, which has a very good heat preservation effect and shows the environmental humidity required by the laboratory. It has the function of rapid defogging, which can be applied when the test is completed or temporarily terminated, and the residual corrosion-resistant vapor in the test room can be forcibly discharged into the room.

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