Sand dust test chamber manufacturers tell you the required conditions and precautions

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The dust test chamber is suitable for all kinds of parts and components (headlights, instrument panels, electrical equipment dust cover, car steering system, anti-theft locks, etc.) to do anti-fouling and dust resistance tests. Sand and dust test chamber by the centrifugal fan to promote a certain concentration value of sand and dust with certain water flow through the test specimen surface.

Thus, the test specimen (machine and equipment) is evaluated for its ability to work under the effect of dry sand or dust-filled air to defend against the entry of floating dust particles, its ability to work against cavitation or blockage of gravel, and its ability to work for storage and operation. The key is applicable to the test of the two grades of IP5X and IP6X2 required in the standard of shell protection grade.

In the process of storage, delivery of household appliances, motors, instruments and equipment, exterior, various lighting, and other goods usually suffer from the natural environment of sand and dust hazards, especially in the car electrical appliances by sand and dust hazards more obvious, sand and dust test box selection environment simulation sand and dust natural environment, to view the test instrument (sand and dust test instrument) to weigh the sample anti-fouling ability.

Sand dust test chamber manufacturers tell you the required conditions and precautions

Sand dust test chamber manufacturers test with sand dust is a non-abrasive dry powder, can pass 75μm sieve and 50μm diameter wire flat mesh sieve. Talcum powder can be used in the experiment, which has been analyzed to meet the design requirements. The amount of dust used in the test run should not exceed 20 times. Attention should be paid to keep dry and keep the dust fineness and should be dried below 80 ℃ for 2 hours before use.

A sand and dust test chamber manufacturers remind you of the following conditions to be met during the test.

1, dust concentration: test dust concentration should be able to make the bottom of the box benchmark surface settlement uniformly maintained at (600 ± 200) μ / (m2? h).

2, air volume: the test box in the air volume to vertical air volume, not stratified.

3, airflow rate: airflow rate should be able to make the dust in the test box uniform distribution.

4, humidity: the relative humidity in the test chamber should be less than 15%. This can be achieved by increasing the humidity of the test chamber.

5, the air pressure inside the sample: according to the running condition of the sample, the sample box can be divided into two categories.

(a) The air pressure inside the sample box can be different from that of the outside world, for example, due to thermal cycling, for example.

(b) the air pressure inside the sample box is the same as the external air pressure.

The sand and dust test chamber manufacturers remind you of the matters requiring attention (please read the instructions for use in detail before use)

1, the rated voltage of this equipment is 380V three-phase five-wire, if the external voltage is unstable, needs to have a voltage stabilization source.

2, prohibit the test of explosive, flammable, and highly corrosive substances.

3, the use of test samples shall not exceed 20 times.

4, take the sample to open the seal under the pipeline at the bottom of the inner liner, and then close it. Recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining dust.

5, because the door of the box is a glass product, close the door should be closed correctly, and prevent the impact on the door.

6, the test sample shall not contain parts of the items that do not match the requirements.

7, after the test is completed, if not started in a short period of time, the test medium should be removed and wipe the box dry to keep clean.

8, please note that the machine must be safely grounded to avoid electrostatic induction.

The above is a warm reminder from the sand and dust test chamber manufacturers, is it helpful to you!

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