Precautions for the use of a low-temperature test chamber

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Detailed introduction of exhaust system software

The temperature adjustment of the high and low-temperature test chamber is based on the temperature sensor embedded in the shell, collecting data, adjusting by the temperature controller (small information content CPU), connecting the gas heating module to complete the temperature increase, or adjusting the refrigeration relay to reduce the box Body temperature to achieve the necessary temperature for manipulation. The environmental humidity adjustment of the constant temperature and humidity box is based on the temperature sensor of the body, the data is collected, adjusted by the humidity controller (small information content CPU), connected to the stainless steel sink heating element, and the body is lifted according to the volatilization of the water in the stainless steel sink Or adjust the refrigeration relay to complete the dehumidification effect to achieve the necessary environmental humidity for operation.

In the sales market, the temperature uniformity produced by some manufacturers with the same well-known brand of short-axis motors is not up to the standard, which involves technical regulations. The high and low-temperature test chambers for production are all in compliance with the specifications. International certification of Tripartite Metrology Institute. In addition, I would like to remind you, customers, not to use the temperature sensor of their own company to calibrate the temperature of the environmental test chamber without authorization. That is prohibited. If the temperature must be corrected, please ask the third-party measurement institute to verify the accuracy of the factory.

Common problems of low-temperature thermostat

1. Liquid substances (pure water, ethanol, dimethyl silicone oil) should be added to the tank before applying the low-temperature thermostat. The liquid level of the substance should be less than 20 mm from the operating table, otherwise the electric heater will be destroyed when the power is plugged in. ;

2. The liquid substance used in the cryostat should meet the following standards: when the operating temperature is less than 5℃, the liquid substance is generally ethanol; when the operating temperature is 5~85℃, the liquid substance is generally water; when the operating temperature is 85 When the temperature is ~95℃, 15% petroleum jelly solution can be used for the liquid substance, which can reduce the volatilization of water; when the operating temperature is higher than 95℃, the liquid substance generally adopts oil, and the open-cup flash point value of the selected product oil should be The operating temperature is higher than 50°C; generally, simethicone with lower viscosity is used.

3. Switching power supply: 380V50Hz, the rated power of the power supply should exceed the total output power of the instrument and equipment, and the switching power supply must have good “grounding device” equipment;

Frequently asked questions for the staff of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

First, before doing the experiment, the actual operation staff should understand the structure of the experimental equipment, the characteristics, the characteristics, the scope of the experiment, and the extreme scope that can be accepted. When doing natural environment experiments, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the samples, experimental standards, experimental procedures, and experimental techniques required for the experiment, and to understand the technical characteristics of the experimental equipment used, especially the actual operation and control panel Characteristics need to be understood. In addition, because of the differences in the application of various natural environment experimental equipment, technical operators must carefully read the actual operation manuals of commonly used experimental equipment before applying machinery and equipment, so as to prevent errors caused by incorrect operations. Problems such as the abnormal operation of experimental equipment, destruction of experimental samples, and errors in experimental data and information.

Second, select experimental equipment effectively. In order to ensure that all the experiments are carried out normally, suitable experimental equipment should be selected according to the different conditions of the experimental samples, and an effective proportion should be maintained between the reasonable capacity of the experimental samples and the environmental test box. Third, for natural environment experiments where substances are often added in experiments, appropriate additions should be made in accordance with the experimental regulations

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