Introduction to the cleaning and maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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Cleaning and maintenance of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

So what is the actual operation if you want to increase the service life of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

The dry-bulb temperature detection cloth of the constant temperature and humidity test box should be removed and replaced regularly, and the time for removal and replacement is about once every 3 months. The accuracy of the dry-bulb temperature is about six minutes full. In addition, the overheating protection device should be maintained regularly. The overheating maintenance value should be set at 20℃~30℃ above the preset value. When the temperature exceeds the overheating protection device’s The environmental test chamber will automatically terminate the maintenance of the experimental equipment at the time of temperature to avoid accidents.

In addition, the air humidifier of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber must be maintained regularly, and the water in the air humidifier must be removed and replaced at least once a month. The humidification basin should also be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth running water pipes.

There is also the cleaning and maintenance of the external environment of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber shell

a. Keep the water in the bucket and do about three experiments and clean it up once.

b. Experiment and clean up once in the box, and you can clean it with thinner water or washing.

c. The high and low voltage power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year, and the dust in the room can be removed by manual cleaning or a vacuum cleaner.

What is the basic principle of the cold and wet exchange of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

When the constant temperature and humidity test box is carrying out the test, when the gas hits the river surface, it will exchange with the open river surface to produce damp and heat. The temperature difference will cause two conditions, one is that only sensible heat exchangers are produced, and the other is that not only is it possible to produce sensible heat exchangers, but it is also likely to produce moisture exchange, and it can also produce vaporization. Hot-swap.

The sensible heat exchanger appears because there is a temperature difference between water and gas, and heat transfer is carried out due to the effects of heat convection, heat transfer, and radiation source. The volatilization of water vapor in the air and digestion and absorption of the latent heat of vaporization will result in the exchange of vaporization heat.

The contact between the river surface and the gas, because the gas is close to the river surface, will produce a saturated gas boundary as a result of irregular fitness exercises. At this time, its temperature will be equivalent to the temperature of the river surface. The gas temperature in the saturated state of the boundary layer determines the concentration value of the water vapor molecular structure or the size of the water vapor partial working pressure.

The key points to pay attention to in the actual operating environment test chamber

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is an experiment of modern science and technology that simulates various natural environments on various characteristics of raw materials. There are four natural environments for general experiments: high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high environmental humidity, and low environmental humidity. Because of the very high requirements for interface testing, the shell must be made of materials. Only in this way can it be ensured that the experiment of raw materials is carried out under temperature and humidity control.

So in the actual operation of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, what key points should everyone pay attention to? The following is an explanation for everyone: a: First, you have to ensure that everything in the environmental test box works normally, and the working voltage of the switching power supply must be stable (the working voltage is generally maintained at 380V), otherwise it will cause heating and cooling in the box Destruction of the crew.

b: When the temperature in the test chamber exceeds 55°C, do not immediately turn on the refrigeration unit to experiment in the ultra-low temperature natural environment. This will cause serious harm to the life of the environmental test chamber. You must wait for the temperature to drop again. start an experiment. c: For better safety, the degree of the environmental test chamber must be in complete contact with the road surface.

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