Introduction of diaphragm pressure switch for refrigeration system of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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Pulse damper type pressure controller for refrigeration unit of constant temperature and humidity test chamber

The working pressure of the system software being queried is introduced into the working pressure walk in test chamber through the capillary tube. When the queried working pressure rises to a certain standard critical point P1, the pulsation damper will be unbalanced and suddenly vibrate. When the onset is shifted for one month, and the yellow film is pushed by the pendulum to touch the yellow film, the same shift occurs. The moving contact point on the yellow film touches the fixed contact point, and the power switch is closed when the working pressure drops to a certain level. When the market value is used, the pulse damper suddenly trembles in the opposite direction and the rehabilitation treatment returns to the original condition, and the dynamic and static contact points of the power switch are separated.

Compared with the metal bellows type, the pulse damper type pressure controller has the advantages of high precision, firm function, sealed type, good vibration resistance, small size, and convenient use. It is slowly replacing the metal bellows type pressure controller.

What is the actual effect of automotive relays?

Automobile relay is a kind of manipulation household appliance that actively converts the power circuit with an inevitable key-in data signal. It has two main ones, one is the operating system software (alias input control loop); the other is the manipulated system software (alias output control loop).

Automobile relays can often have active control effects because when a certain data signal (output) entered in its control systems software, such as working voltage, standard pressure, temperature, and other scalar quantities, reaches a certain value, it makes the output control loop The manipulated star (output) tremblingly changes from zero to a certain value (or suddenly jumps from a certain value to zero).

It can be seen from the characteristics of the relay that all kinds of automotive relays include so many and some: First, it can reflect the inevitable input data signal from the outside and convert it into a special scalar response mechanism (such as an Electromagnetic coil); the second is the implementation mechanism (such as circuit breaker) that conducts conduction operation on the power circuit under test.

Secondly, automotive relays are not capable of conducting conduction control on the actuator under arbitrary output. They only posture when the output reaches a certain value. This type of magnetic induction output changes and manipulates the actuator. It is called a reference agency (such as a tension spring)

The installation of a constant temperature and humidity box and other large and medium-sized instruments and equipment requires wire connectors

In chatting with the customer yesterday, the customer said that he had an electric shock accident when he was using the constant temperature and humidity box. He felt that there was a safety production accident. Later, he knew the situation and knew that it was caused by electrostatic induction. Therefore, the welder was assigned to check the switching power supply. In the case of the grounding device, the welder independently led a grounding wire. I was surprised because our company will undoubtedly remind customers that they must have wire connectors when they hand over the machine. Could it be that everyone did not prompt at that time? After understanding the situation, the customer said that everyone was professional when the equipment was installed. The technicians have already been prompted to connect the moral bottom line, and they did. It may be that they have not been repaired in a relatively long period, which has led to this kind of situation.

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber makes its characteristics stable?

Before we describe how to set up the constant temperature and humidity test box, we first pay attention to the stable characteristics of the constant temperature and humidity test box to ensure that 80% comes from the manufacturer’s settings, parts selection and mature technology, and the other 20% lies in the customer’s appropriate Maintenance and maintenance, which also includes proper setting methods and some simple tips, the following is a description for you:

The refrigeration unit and the refrigeration compressor are closely related. The minimum volatilization temperature of the unipolar steam reduction refrigeration unit mainly lies in its cold working pressure and engine compression ratio:

1. For all refrigerants, the lower the volatilization temperature, the lower the volatilization working pressure;

2. When the volatilization temperature is too low, some common refrigerants have reached the freezing temperature, and the fluidity and circulation system of the refrigerant cannot be completed;

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