Instructions for adding water to the constant temperature humidity test chamber

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Instructions for adding water to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

Air humidifiers generally have a water level switch. The middle of the float ball of the water level switch is a magnetic rod. The float ball is not made of air oxidized raw materials. Therefore, for a long time, or often not changing the water in the fish tank, it will cause a short circuit failure of the water level switch, which will result in a situation where the humidification cannot be achieved or the humidification is constant;

The greater the resistance of the constant temperature and humidity test box, the better the dielectric strength of the water, (the number of resistance is the conductivity, the lower the conductivity, the better) then the constant temperature and humidity box you use generally uses a single pulse (sonic frequency ) Humidification, and the humidifying substance is water.

Then why is the tap water humidified? Because the humidification particles of tap water are relatively large, if the environmental humidity is regulated for a long time, it will be harmful to the service life of the temperature sensor. It is made of waterproof and fireproof materials or anti-oxidation materials. If the water body is poor, it will short-circuit the temperature sensor.

Common fault removal and solutions

A. Is the online touch good?

a connect again

B. Is the master power switch good when touched? Is it damaged?

b Overhaul/replacement

C. Is the touch of AC contactor or car relay good/is it damaged or damaged; Is the instrument panel overheating setting appropriate/is it damaged or destroyed?

c Set up/replace again

D. Is the switching power supply three-phase five-wire (phase sequence relay) zero-wire and live-wire connection appropriate? Is it damaged?

d Connect/disassemble again

E. Is the pressure controller’s working pressure adjustment appropriate? Is it damaged?

e Re-adjustment/replacement

F. Is it good to touch without heating?

f connect again

G. Is the information displayed on the dashboard normal/is there any output?

g maintenance/replacement

H. Is the instrument panel setting of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber appropriate?

h Set again

I. Is the fan power switch on/is it damaged/is the AC contactor connected or burned?

I open/disassemble again

J. Is the heating power switch on? Is it good to touch? Is it damaged?

j open/overhaul/replace

K. Whether the implementation components (AC contactors, automotive relays, thyristors, intermediate relays) have output;

k swap

L. Whether the components (heating tube, electric heating tube) are damaged or destroyed

The Institute of Metrology has succeeded in constructing the entire machinery of the ion reaction mass spectrometry instrument:

As the leading enterprise for this project, the Chinese Institute of Metrology will use the core technologies that are urgently needed in key industries such as microorganisms, new materials, and excellent new energy technologies to accurately manipulate the technology of mass spectrometry. Three sets of mass spectrometry scientific research equipment have been developed at the innovative level of mass spectrometry technology such as precise analysis, phosphorylation and CC activity of ion reactions, basic problems in molecular structure dynamics equations, and multi-physics simulation and experimental certification. In addition, the China Metrology Institute cooperates with Beijing Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Proteomics, Dalian Institute of Organic Chemistry and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Institute of Biological Sciences to perform electron beam reflection and manipulation, and protein phosphorylation. Selection and evaluation, impact reflection on the positive ion spectrum of sailing time, ETD reflection in protein analysis, the new method of positive ion rupture, and analysis of trace element residues of high-purity organic chemistry experimental reagents.

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