Identify the temperature method of high and low temperature test chamber testing

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In general, this article describes the current status of temperature and humidity environmental test equipment, the correct use of hot and humid environmental test equipment, and the maintenance of high and low temperature environmental test equipment. The purpose is to help the majority of environmental testers have a preliminary understanding of the correct use of environmental test equipment such as high and low temperature test chamber equipment and damp heat test equipment. There are many types of environmental testing equipment. Let’s talk about the structure of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and some common faults and troubleshooting methods.

In addition to a correct operation of the high and low temperature damp heat test box, the test personnel of a structure of the commonly used high and low temperature test box should also have some understanding of the structure of the damp heat test box. The high and low temperature damp heat test chamber is generally composed of a test chamber, or a system of air circulation, a system of refrigeration, and a system of a humidification system. At the same time, the wind circulation system generally adopts the structure of the wind direction. The humidification system has Two types of boiler humidification and surface evaporation are used; cooling and dehumidification system adopts air-conditioning refrigeration structure; heating system adopts electric heating fin heating and electric furnace wire direct heating two structures; temperature and humidity test method adopts dry and wet bulb test method, there is also Direct measurement method with humidity sensor; control and display operation interface adopt separate temperature and humidity independent and temperature and humidity combined controllers and other methods.

In general, some common faults and troubleshooting methods of high and low temperature test chambers are generally not reached at a temperature value of the test temperature in high and low temperatures. However, it is possible to check a system of electrical appliances and eliminate them one by one. One of the faults is that when the temperature rises very slowly, we must check the wind circulation system to see if a baffle for the adjustment of the wind circulation can be opened normally. On the contrary, we must check the motor of the wind circulation. Whether the operation is normal. We can also say that a severe overshoot of the temperature is where a setting parameter of PID needs to be tuned. Generally, if the temperature rises quickly or is a protection method for over-temperature, then for a failure of the controller, we must replace the control instrument. When the low temperature generally fails to reach an index of the test, then you must observe a change in the temperature, whether the temperature drops relatively slowly, or the temperature tends to rise after the temperature reaches a certain value, the former must be checked, Whether to dry the studio before the low temperature test, keep the studio dry, and then put the test sample in the studio to do the test. Whether the test sample in the studio is placed too much so that the wind in the studio is not sufficient One of the functions of the loop

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