How to maintain the constant temperature and humidity test box?

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Environmental conditions of a high and low-temperature test chamber

This passage is summed up in the language of engineering, that is, “the environmental conditions around the tested product (including the platform environment) created by the test equipment should meet the requirements of the environmental conditions and tolerances specified in the product test specification.” For example, the high and low-temperature test box used for military product testing must not only meet the requirements of the national military standard GJB150.3-86 and GJB150.4-86 according to different uniformity and temperature control accuracy. Only in this way can the reproducibility of the environmental conditions in the environmental test be guaranteed.

Maintenance method of constant temperature and humidity test box

1. Electrical control cabinet:

We wipe the dust in the electrical system with a soft cotton cloth, clean the dust inside, and clean it once a year, which can extend the life of electrical components;

2. Control system:

1. The controller is calibrated with the Agilent temperature and humidity inspection instrument of the United States every year so that the controller can be consistent with the temperature and humidity of the studio;

3. Sensor calibration:

1. There are two sensors in the constant temperature and humidity test box, which mainly control the temperature and humidity of the controller, and play an important role in the fluctuation, uniformity, and humidity in the equipment;

Compressor failure of a constant humidity test chamber

A customer reported that the compressors of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and the thermal shock test chamber were broken. They were two pieces of equipment bought by other manufacturers and asked if we could repair them. After communicating, they found that the customer felt that the repair fees reported by the manufacturer were too expensive. At that time, the temperature couldn’t drop down, and everything else was fine. Later, they asked the air conditioner repairer outside to come and repair it. As a result, the compressor burned out.

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