How to identify neutral salt spray test, salt spray test box, salt spray test box

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Details of the neutral salt spray test: neutral salt spray test, salt spray test chamber, salt spray test chamber Features:

  • One: Body material:

1:5MM imported gray-white P.V.C board

2: Support frame: ¢10.0MM toughened glass rod is corrosion resistant. The plastic steel V-shaped frame and the glass rod are placed to ensure that the test object is at a 30-degree oblique angle.

3: Body bracket: SECC channel steel and angle iron spray paint. Four-wheel sliding. Can be pushed (only 120 or more models).

4: The pressure barrel is seamlessly welded with a 2.0MMSUS201 stainless steel plate.

6: Titanium tube is used for heating. Long service life and high corrosion resistance.

7: The machine cover is made of a 5MM imported transparent acrylic board. Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, transparency

Continue to work at the previous time until the product completes the required time to avoid redoing the experiment after a power outage.

  • Five: Water replenishment system: automatic/manual water replenishment system with automatic/manual water replenishment function when the water level is insufficient. The experiment is not interrupted to meet the diverse environmental requirements of the guests. (automatic

(Replenishment only needs to be connected to the tap water pipe)

  • Six: Heating method: Direct steam heating method is used in the salt spray experiment, the heating speed is fast, the temperature distribution is uniform, and the standby time is shortened.
  • Seven: Control mode: five-key standard operation. With full detection fault early warning system. The lamp can be lit when a fault occurs. The five-key operation is a power switch, an operation switch, and a spray

Fog switch, timing switch, and defog switch. During the experiment, turn on the power switch, and the instrument will automatically add water, and turn on the operation switch after adding water. Set the experimental temperature and the instrument will automatically heat up

Turn on the spray switch, the instrument will start spraying, turn on the timer, set the time, and end after the experiment time is completed. Built-in manual defogging function. You can place or view the product during the experiment

Remove the salt fog accumulated in the experiment.

  • Eight: Safety protection device:

1. With dual over-temperature protection, the healing power can be automatically cut off when the temperature control meter fails or the heating system fails. Avoid excessive temperature damage to the instrument.

2. Double low water level protection to prevent the heating tube of the laboratory and pressure barrel from being damaged by dry burning.

3. With overload short circuit protection. Prevent damage to the instrument and the internal electronic control parts of the instrument when an abnormality occurs. Any low water level occurs,

  • Measuring cylinder: Two built-in mist collecting cylinders (one for XB-60 type) are used. Compared with the traditional external type, it is not easy to break.
  • Ten: Nozzle: precision quartz glass nozzle. Guaranteed to be used for 4000 hours without crystallization. The spray tower is equipped with a cone-shaped disperser, which can guide the fog, adjust the amount of fog, and even drop the fog, etc.


  • Eleven: Sealing method: The inner and outer boxes are connected to the sealing groove, and the water is sealed to prevent the leakage of salt spray
  • Twelve: Control panel and electrical accessories: Thermostat (Huibang), two pressure gauges (Taiwan), one indicator light (Taiwan), six timers (OMRON), one chronograph (Anliang), one control switch (Taiwan) Five One SSR (Taiwan Yangming) Two relays (Japan Omron) Three temperature sensing lines (Taiwan Shenjie) Two pressure regulating valves (AIRTECH) Two solenoid valves (AIRTECH) Four water level gauges (Taiwan Xiangyang) Four Heating tube (titanium tube) two EGO one
  • Thirteen: Accessories description: V-shaped support frame four (60 types) O-shaped support rod 8 (60 type) two bottles of sodium chloride 5000ML measure one PH test paper two packs 50ML graduated cylinder one (60 type)
  • Fourteen: Temperature range:

1: Laboratory temperature: 35℃—50℃ (can be set arbitrarily)

2: Pressure tank temperature: 47℃—63℃ (can be set arbitrarily)

  • Fifteen: Heating speed:

1: Laboratory, room temperature—-→35℃, about 35 minutes

2: Pressure tank, room temperature—-→47℃, about 15 minutes

  • Sixteen: Temperature accuracy: ±1℃ Seventeen: This machine is suitable for the neutral salt spray test (NSS) and corrosion test (AASS, CASS).

Using standards: CNS3627, 3885, 4159, 7669, 8886, JIS D-0201, H-8502, H-8610, K-5400, Z-2371, ISO 3768, 3769, 3770, ASTM B-117, B-268 , GB-T2423, GJB 150.

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