How to distinguish high and low-temperature damp heat test methods?

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How to distinguish high and low-temperature damp heat test methods:

Based on the data preprocessing of the product itself. For products with solid cores or insulating layer materials, in order to better check the electrical properties or dielectric strength of such products in damp and cold air, the stable cold-humidity test is generally used. For airtight or hollow products, due to the effect of welding stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, the product will return to moisture, and the circulatory system cold and wet test is often used.

For solid-core products, the principle of re-moisture should be considered when selecting the experimental method. If the re-moisture is caused by condensation, the circulatory system cold and wet test should be used.

What is the difference between a constant temperature and humidity test chamber and a high and low-temperature test chamber?

The high and low-temperature test box and the constant temperature and humidity test box are two product names. When most people just see it, they are likely to feel that the difference between them will be very large. In fact, they are the same. A series of products, the high and low temperature test box is a purely broken high temperature and ultra-low temperature conversion experiment, while the constant temperature and humidity test box have one more humidification system software than the previous one, which can carry out cold and wet experiments. Unlike the constant temperature and humidity test box, the ultra-low temperature of the high and low temperature test box is far more than zero degrees Celsius. It has several categories.

1. -20℃~150℃; 2. -40℃~150℃; 3.-60℃~150℃; 4, -70℃~150℃; 5, -80℃~150℃. If you want to have a lower temperature, you can order an ultra-low temperature box with a range of -220℃.

The humidification system software of the constant temperature and humidity test box is based on the shallow groove humidification method. The operation method of the air humidifier is: non-contact and other cycle time single pulse width adjustment, intermediate relay (SSR), and environmental humidity control are selected The SSR+PID system software is centrally controlled by the same channel column, with automatic compensation water level line and low water alarm equipment. Be careful. The humidified tap water should be mineral water or pure water for your own use. Drinking water is not recommended to prevent the actual effect of the experiment or block the tap water pipe. The standard environmental test box chooses the gain and loss of the external manual water discharge. If there is pure water in the place, you can modify a fully automatic water replenishment and moisturizing device, so that you do not need to carry out manual water discharge frequently, and the application will be very convenient.

The high and low temperature test box is based on the foot-operated refrigeration compressor to complete the ultra-low temperature within -80℃. The refrigeration cycle is all the selected reverse Karuo cycle system. This cycle system is composed of 2 isothermal processes and 2 It is composed of an adiabatic process, and its whole process is like this: the refrigeration compressor is insulated and reduced because the refrigerant achieves a relatively high working pressure, and it consumes work to promote the temperature of the exhaust pipe to rise, and then the refrigerant goes through the isothermal process of the cooler and the surrounding area. The material develops the heat exchanger and then transfers the heat to the surrounding material.

Then the refrigerant undergoes the adiabatic deformation of the overflow valve to perform work, and the temperature of the refrigerant will decrease at this time. Finally, the refrigerant undergoes an isothermal process of the air-conditioning evaporator to absorb heat from the object with a higher temperature, and the temperature of the object to be refrigerated is reduced. Such a circulatory system can achieve the purpose of reducing temperature.

How to distinguish the constant temperature and humidity test chamber with high-cost performance and many functions?

The price of some constant temperature and humidity test chambers varies from hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan.

Then why is the price difference so big, is it the manufacturer’s “pretending to be sophisticated”, or the quality of the product itself? The following is the difficulty for everyone: in fact, to distinguish the quality of a constant temperature and humidity test chamber is good or bad, it must be diversified from its quality, parts quality, and functions. However, it is not good to be cost-effective. A cost-effective manufacturer must have good after-sales maintenance service rules and regulations. When the constant temperature and humidity test chamber has some common failures during the whole process of work, show the technical Application is very necessary.

The shell of the environmental test chamber must be made of cost-effective raw materials. It occupies a very large “contribution” because it maintains a natural environment with temperature control or humidity control. The most important of the parts inside are the heating and cooling parts. This is a guarantee to ensure that the experimental raw materials are tested at various temperatures. The diversification of the role is to allow a variety of raw materials to carry out experiments in a variety of natural environments.

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