How to choose a hot and cold shock test box, what are the skills?

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The long-use three-chamber thermal and cold shock environmental test box, in some cases, carrying out some experiments is likely to cause some common failures that customers cannot expect, so if this situation is prevented from occurring, except in the entire application process Strictly implement the user manual and follow the interpretation of the technical professional’s actual operation staff, so you must also pay attention to the purchase of some three-chamber thermal and cold shock environmental test boxes.

The humidification system software of mechanical equipment is a key working system software component of a three-chamber thermal and cold shock environmental test chamber. If the humidification system software is not very accurate, it is likely to cause experimental results. There is a certain difference between temperature and specific temperature. When purchasing components, you must fully grasp the characteristics of the salesman about the humidification system software and its service life

In the case of the three-chamber thermal and cold shock environmental test box, the customer’s experiment can only slash some specific environmental humidity to 100%. This situation is mainly due to the dry sand cloth of the dry bulb temperature sensor causing the environmental humidity For some problems, it is possible to check whether the stainless steel sinks of some dry bulb temperature sensors lack water. When purchasing a sensor, the customer must pay special attention to whether the temperature change cannot be jeopardized during the experiment, and it can also be that the water level line of the control panel is normal.

How to deal with the two-chamber thermal and cold shock environmental test box?

1. Q: What should I do if the temperature rises slowly?

Answer: Check the wind circulation and check whether the adjustment partition of the wind circulation system is open and everything is normal. On the contrary, check whether the motor of the wind circulation system is running normally.

2. Q: What should I do if the temperature overshoot of the environmental test chamber is strong?

Answer: The main parameters of PID setting.

3. Q: What should I do if the temperature rises immediately?

Answer: It is a common failure of the control board, and the control instrument must be replaced.

4. Q: What should I do if the ultra-low temperature cannot reach the experimental index value?

Answer: Observe the temperature change, whether the temperature drops slowly, or the temperature has a trend of warming up after the temperature reaches a certain value. The former one needs to be checked. Is the personal studio air-dried before the ultra-low temperature experiment, so that the individual After the studio stays dry, puts the experimental samples into the working room to do the experiment again? Is the experimental sample in the working room too much placed, so that the wind in the working room cannot sufficiently circulate the system? After the reasons are cleared, it is necessary to consider whether it is a common fault in the refrigeration unit. In that case, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer’s technical professional staff to carry out repairs. The latter situation is that the natural environment of the machine and equipment is not so good. The working temperature of the machine and the place where it is placed (the distance between the back of the shell and the wall) must meet the requirements (in the actual operation manual of the machine and equipment) All requirements).

5. Question: In the cold and humid experiment, what is the reason why the specific environmental humidity will reach 100% or the specific environmental humidity is very far away from the overall target environmental humidity?

Answer: It may be caused by a dry sand cloth on the dry-bulb temperature sensor. It is necessary to check whether there is little water in the stainless steel tank of the dry-bulb temperature sensor. The water level in the stainless steel tank is automatically controlled by a liquid level controller. For the system, check whether the power supply of the water supply equipment of the liquid level controller is normal and whether everything is normal during the operation of the liquid level controller. Another possibility is that the dry-bulb temperature sand cloth will harden the sand cloth due to the long use time or the purity of the power supply water body so that the sand cloth cannot digest and absorb water and become dry. If the sand cloth is replaced or cleaned The cloth can clear the above situation.

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