How do environmental chambers work?

Noki Chamber 2022-07-27

What does the environmental test chamber include?

Environmental test chambers include constant temperature and humidity test chambers, salt spray test chambers, ultraviolet test chambers, drug stability test chambers, rain test chambers, walk-in test chambers, etc.


How do environmental chambers work?

An environmental chamber is an enclosed space where environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can be controlled. Some chambers can also simulate corrosion by introducing salt spray into the chamber. The dimensions of these chambers may greatly vary according to the type of product that has to be tested.

The first thing that needs to happen is for all of the air inside the chamber to be removed so that it can be replaced with fresh air. This process is called "purging," and it helps ensure that only clean, new air is introduced into the chamber. Once this step is complete, you can begin controlling your desired environment with sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and more.


These sensors will then send data back to a computer that controls how much heat or cold air is being pumped into your chamber via fans or other types of equipment depending on how much control you want over your environment's temperature ranges (e.g., warm vs cold).

The process for controlling humidity levels works similarly: sensors measure humidity levels inside your chamber, which are then communicated back through a computer-controlled system that adds water vapor via a sprayer onto surfaces within your test area if needed!


The dimensions of these chambers vary depending on the product being tested. For example, if you're testing a new type of t-shirt, you'll need a much smaller chamber than if you're testing an entire house.

Environmental chambers are used primarily in industrial settings, but they are also used to test products in many different areas, including building materials, food packaging, and medical supplies. For example, in the medical field, an Environmental Chamber may be used to test how well vaccines or other medications perform under varying temperatures and humidity levels.

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