Explanation of the principle of damp and heat exchange in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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Does the water circulation system carry out shutdown organic chemical cleaning?

After the household central air conditioner ceases to operate, the cooling system and refrigerated water system software can be cleaned up to listen to opinions on the cleaning method of each machine equipment or the software cleaning method of the whole system. Regardless of whether it is the cleaning of each machine equipment or the software cleaning of the whole system, the cleaning tank, and the cleaning pump are generally used to form a closed loop of each machine equipment or the original system software (centrifugal water pump without the original system software) to carry out the circulatory system cleaning.

The shutdown cleaning process of the water circulation system of the constant temperature and humidity test box is: water rinse (leak detection), sterilization, algae cleaning, acid treatment, acid treatment, water rinse, pickling passivation, pickling passivation, water rinse, immersion, and passivation treatment (or Pre-film) Rinse with water (leak detection). Use a large flow of water to wash away some loose dust, such as dust, fine sand, exploded algae plants, and eroded products in the system software, and check the leakage of the system software together.

When flushing, the water flow rate should be more than 0.15m/s, and the front and back can be switched when necessary. After flushing, drain the flushing water in the system software. When necessary, you can inject boiling water at 60-70°C, and you can check whether there are dead spots, air resistance, short circuit faults, etc. in the system software.

Sterilize and kill algae. The purpose of sterilization and algae cleaning is to kill the microbial strains in the system software and to remove the microbial sludge adhering to the surface of the machinery and equipment.

When the flushing water in the system software is drained, fill the system software with water, and add appropriate biocides from WeChat friends to clean up the circulatory system. The cleaning can be finished when the turbidity in the system software tends to be balanced.

Acid treatment. The purpose of acid treatment is to remove oil stains in the system software to ensure the evenness of the pickling passivation.

Generally, acid treatment is required only when there are oil stains in the system software, and newly created machinery and equipment generally require acid treatment.

Fill the system software with water, add various acid treatment drugs to WeChat friends and maintain a certain temperature to clean up the circulatory system.

In the acid treatment process, the pH, soil composition, temperature, etc. of the alkaline lotion should be tested with the concept of time. The acid treatment can be ended when the pH and oil components of the alkaline lotion tend to be balanced.

Rinse with water after acid treatment. The purpose of washing with water after acid treatment is to better remove the residual alkaline detergent in the system software and to remove some residues. After the alkaline detergent is discharged, it should be rinsed with warm water immediately to make the system software neutral or slightly alkaline.

During the flushing process, it is necessary to test the pH and turbidity of the flushing fluid discharged from the inlet. When the pH remains stable and the turbidity reaches the necessary requirements, the water flushing can be ended.

The purpose of pickling passivation is to use a pickling agent to carry out chemical changes with dirt and hydroxide to form soluble chemicals and remove them. Since the pickling agent is highly corrosive, it is often necessary to upgrade an appropriate desulfurized in the pickling agent. During the cleaning process, it should be performed regularly (usually once every 30 minutes) to check the acid concentration value, metal ion concentration value, temperature, etc. in the pickling agent.

And pay attention to emptying yourself at the highest point and treating the sewage at the bottom to prevent air resistance and blockage, which will harm the cleaning effect. When the metal material ion concentration tends to stabilize the time concept, the pickling passivation can be ended. Rinse with water after pickling passivation.

What is the basic principle of the cold and wet exchange of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

When the constant temperature and humidity test box is carrying out the test, when the gas hits the river surface, it will exchange with the open river surface to produce damp and heat. The difference in temperature will cause two conditions, one is that only sensible heat exchangers are produced, and the other is that not only is it possible to produce sensible heat exchangers, but it is also likely to produce moisture exchange, and it can also produce vaporization. Hot-swap.

The sensible heat exchanger appears because there is a temperature difference between water and gas, and heat transfer is carried out due to the effects of heat convection, heat transfer, and radiation source. The volatilization of water vapor in the air and digestion and absorption of the latent heat of vaporization will result in the exchange of vaporization heat.

The contact between the river surface and the gas, because the gas is close to the river surface, will produce a saturated gas boundary as a result of irregular fitness exercises. At this time, its temperature will be equivalent to the temperature of the river surface. The gas temperature in the saturated state of the boundary layer determines the concentration value of the water vapor molecular structure or the size of the water vapor partial working pressure.

Constant temperature and humidity equipment test box can not quickly cool down the enumeration method

1. Because the temperature and humidity are persistent or the ultra-low temperature cannot be reached, investigate whether the refrigeration unit can be restarted during the entire operation of the machine and equipment, and the refrigeration unit can be restarted during the entire operation of the machine and equipment, indicating the home of each refrigeration compressor The electrical appliances and routes are all normal, and there is no doubt about the software level of the matching and operating electronic components.

2. Touch the exhaust pipe and breathing pipe of the R404 refrigeration compressor of the main generator set with your hands (pay attention to scalding or freezing, touch it gently first), if you find that the temperature of the exhaust pipe of the refrigeration compressor is not high, The temperature of the return bronchus line is not very cold (no frost), which also indicates the lack of refrigerant in the refrigeration unit.

3. In the whole process of application, the door of the test box cannot be closed normally;

4. Working temperature is too high: If the room temperature is too high, you need to find ways to lower the working temperature, such as installing central air-conditioning in the room or turning on the bottom partition to blow with a cooling fan, and then achieve the actual effect of reducing temperature.

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