Explanation of the principle of constant temperature and humidity test chamber to simulate natural climate

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The well-known brand of thermal shock environmental test chamber

Everyone’s regulations on the home environment are getting higher and higher, and high-end home furniture is favored.

There are very high regulations on raw materials and processing technology. Therefore, this has prompted the high-quality thermal and cold shock environmental test chamber to quietly rise the high-end home decoration sales market. Customers who are sensitive to business services are also looking for collaboration opportunities. As everyone knows, the global market competition for business services has always been fierce.

Nowadays, Lin Yun, a well-known brand in the sales market of thermal and cold shock environmental test chambers, is innumerable, making customers dizzy and making it difficult for many customers to choose brand agents.

Whether the customer’s choice is appropriate or not will usually make decisions about the subsequent experiments. To better enable customers to reduce the trouble of common failures of thermal and cold shock environmental test boxes, Ruikai Instruments has compiled a set of common reference steps for selection and cooperation for customers to follow.

Daily maintenance and cleaning and maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity test box

1. Check the overheating protection device in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber: During operation, the maximum value of overheating maintenance setting is increased by 20℃~30℃. When the temperature in the experiment box rises to the overheating maintenance set point, the electric heater power supply system is terminated, the overheating warning light is on but the cooling fan is still running, if it is running for a long time and no one is looking after, please try to check the overheating protection device before running. safe.


2. How to properly clean and maintain the external environment of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1. The high and low voltage power distribution room should be cleaned at least once a year. When cleaning, a vacuum cleaner can be used to absorb the dust in the room.

2. During the operation of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the internal residues should be eliminated first.

3. The outside of the shell needs to be cleaned once a year, just scrubbing.

3. Inspection and maintenance of air humidifier in constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

The water storage in the air humidifier should be removed and replaced once a month to ensure that the water body is cleaned. The humidification basin should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth water flow.

4. Elimination of dust on the cooler of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber: The cooler should be maintained on time and monthly. Use a wireless vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust attached to the heat removal wire mesh of the cooler or use a high-pressure gas spray to remove the dust.

The basic principle of climatic simulation of constant temperature and humidity test chamber of course

The incubator is a simulation of the temperature of the natural climate. For example, the long-term temperature in the subtropical zone can reach 40℃ or even higher, while the long-term temperature in my country’s surrounding cities such as Antarctica or Ukraine can reach -40 times or even lower. We need to test the high-temperature resistance of the product. Coldness, for example: On a mobile phone, if you want to know if there is a data signal on the mobile phone for voice calls under extremely high temperature or extremely low temperature, you must set a relative temperature in your alternating high and low-temperature box. To simulate this kind of climate.

On this surface, the general box is based on an external diffusion method to increase the humidity of air in an environmental test box with standard air pressure. In addition, it also appears that it is not easy to upgrade the system during the whole process of humidification. An additional heat generation in the software. That is to say, a dehumidification effect of the sprinkler belongs to when a temperature of a key point is specified. Then this environmental humidity is a buffering effect of the key power switch for operating water, so steam humidification and shallow water zone humidification was selected in the initial stage, and the whole process of its operation is relatively long, and it is also a relatively suitable system. The humidity of the stable environment of the software is small.

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