Drug test chambers are used to obtain more stable drugs

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Drug test chamber, also known as drug stability test chamber, used in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry and other industries, electronics industry and all including life sciences related industries of latent research. WHO principles of the requirements of 25 ℃ / 60% RH humidity long-term stability test conditions. In the accelerated test 40 ℃ / 75% RH humidity examination 6 months standard, is the stability test system for the pharmaceutical industry, the main simulation of environmental climate in the temperature, humidity, light test.

A the pharmaceutical test chamber works on two principles.

1, the use of high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature alternation, air humidity, strong light and other multi-environmental factors to test the stability of drugs, according to the test to improve the drug to get a more stable drug.

2, for some special drugs to test, to find its preservation of the zui good environmental factors. At present, the drug stability test chamber is mainly used to test the stability of drugs under environmental factors.

Drug stability test chamber using temperature, humidity, light environment to the drug failure conditions and time to test, especially for some new drugs to accelerate the test, high temperature test and strong light test, this way is the current pharmaceutical companies to test the stability of drugs good way.

Second, the operator in the use of this test chamber please observe the following precautions.

1, can not cover the equipment with a cover, because the equipment heat will cause smoke or fire hazards.

2, can not be flammable, explosive or toxic raw materials or materials into the equipment.

3, the equipment can not be used in the atmosphere containing a large number of flammable, explosive and anesthetic gases.

4、Each time you install or disassemble the equipment parts must be separated from the power supply.

5、If the equipment is not used for a long time, please disconnect the wire from the external socket and the main power supply.

6、The main power supply should not be close to the heating part of the equipment – including the exhaust port.

7、Check the function of the insurance thermostat regularly every day.

8、The box is placed by placing it on a smooth floor and retaining enough space.

9、Be sure to ground, if not grounded, when a leakage accident, will threaten the safety of people.

10, do not stop the compressor in five minutes (or five minutes after the power failure) within the compressor open, otherwise, it will shorten the service life of the compressor.

Third, the overall structure of the drug test chamber.

Stability test chamber adopts the overall upper and lower structure: the equipment consists of test chamber body, air duct system, heating system, refrigeration system, humidification system, electrical control, etc. The heater is located in the air duct, no direct radiation to the test sample, the air duct circulation is used to ensure that the temperature inside the work chamber is uniform, reasonable structure, beautiful and generous appearance.

1、Control instrument

2、Studio lighting


4、Temperature and humidity sensor


6、Main refrigeration evaporator

7、Steam outlet

8、Backup refrigeration evaporator

9、The lower back of the studio water tray

10、Studio drainage pipe

11、Moving casters

12、Gate hinge

13、Over temperature protection

14, test holes

15、Large door lock (press the handle again after the door is closed)

16、Gate seal

17、Main refrigeration compressor

18、Main condenser

19、Backup compressor

20、Backup compressor condenser

21、Water storage tank

22、Water tank tray

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