Dingyuan Electronics Purchases Noki PCT High Voltage Aging Test Chamber

NOKI Chamber am11:09

Dingyuan Electronics is a powerful Chinese manufacturer focusing on high-end printed circuit boards, integrating design, processing, sales and foreign trade. Featured products include: HDI (High Density Interconnect) boards, ordinary double-sided, multi-layer, microwave high frequency, thick copper, metal base/core and flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, etc. The products are widely used in communication equipment and medical equipment , Detection systems, aerospace, household electronics and other high-tech fields.

In order to improve the product’s airtightness and pressure resistance, Dingyuan Electronics looked for a number of aging test chamber manufacturers and found that many manufacturers could not meet the company’s needs. Later, they found Noki instrument through the “PCT High Pressure Aging Test Chamber”, and then talked to Noki engineers. The technical requirements were communicated, a consensus was reached, and the transaction was completed.

In fact, the test equipment for testing the reliability of the circuit board is not only a high-pressure aging test box, such as a programmable high temperature and high humidity test box, a constant temperature and humidity test box is also a better choice. If you have any needs, Noki instruments can be customized for you, welcome to consult.

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