Analysis of operating procedures for determining anti-aging properties of vulcanized rubber by ozone aging test chamber

NOKI Chamber am9:28

Test standard and test purpose of thermal shock environmental test chamber

  • The purpose of the experiment

The thermal and cold shock environmental test box can be used to evaluate the adaptability of the product to the large changes in the surrounding operating temperature. It is an experiment that cannot be lacked in the evaluation experiment of the design of weapons and equipment and the routine experiment of the batch production link. It can also be used in some situations. Used for selection of natural environment ground stress. It can be said that the frequency used by the thermal and cold shock environmental test chamber in the certification and improvement of the natural environment adaptability of weapons and equipment is the second only to vibration and high and low-temperature test chambers.

The purpose of the experiment is to clarify the adaptability of machinery and equipment (commodity) when the surrounding air temperature changes significantly.

  • Experimental standards

2.1 Experimental temperature: high temperature is 70℃; ultra-low temperature is -55℃.

2.2 Experimental temperature maintenance time: 1h or until the temperature of the experimental sample reaches a stable temperature, whichever is older is the standard.

2.3 Conversion time: no more than 5min.

2.4 Frequency of circulatory system: 3 times.

  •  Regulations on environmental test chambers (rooms)

This specification uses thermal and cold shock environmental test chambers (chambers) or selects high and low-temperature test chambers (chambers) and low-temperature test chambers (chambers) to carry out thermal and cold shock tests to show that the test product can withstand large changes in the surrounding gas temperature. temperature.

3.1 The requirements of the high and low-temperature test chamber (chamber) should meet the requirements of Chapter 3 of GJB150.3-86 “High-Temperature Test of Military Equipment Environmental Test Method”.

3.2 The requirements of the low-temperature test chamber shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 3 of GJB150.4-86 “Environmental Test Method for Military Equipment Low-Temperature Test”.

3.3 Thermal shock environmental test box (chamber) shows part of the high-temperature experiment and part of ultra-low temperature experiment, which should meet the requirements of GJB150.3-86 and GJB150.4-86 respectively in Chapter 3.

Ozone aging test chamber to measure the aging resistance of rubber materials safety operating procedures

1. The appearance of the test piece should be carefully and carefully ensured that the surface of the test piece should be flat, clean, tidy, and free of significant residues or inter-coordinating agents.

2. Measure the original characteristics of the test piece (including thickness), then draw the gauge line of the test piece with a color paste that is not harmful to the experiment, and then clamp the test piece on the test piece frame and stretch it to the specified extension rate. Specimens with different recipes cannot touch each other, and the distance between specimens is at least 5 cm. Apply active oxygen resistant architectural paint or cover active oxygen resistant raw materials at the end of the test piece close to the fixture and use other methods for safety protection and then carry out static release solution.

3. Open the ozone aging test box, adjust the temperature in the box to the required experimental temperature, move the test piece after stretching into the text box, make the test piece rotate in the box, and control the temperature (15min).

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber happiness

Different temperatures, humidity, external standards, and climate change the chemical properties and mechanical equipment characteristics, and even physical properties of the products. However, the constant temperature and humidity testing machine of our company can take into account the customer’s requirements and achieve the purpose of the experiment, and it can also allow itself to obtain a lot of advantages from it.

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