Aibo Nord Chooses Noki Walk-in Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

NOKI Chamber am11:05

Aibo Nord (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology innovation board listed company (stock code: 688050, stock abbreviation: Aibo Medical), located in Beijing Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. The company starts with the development and production of independent and innovative cataract intraocular lenses. The goal is to develop a full range of ophthalmic medical products, including implantable ophthalmic consumables, surgical instruments, surgical equipment, ophthalmic products, ophthalmic preparations and other series of products, covering cataracts and glaucoma , Vision and many other fields.

The company focuses on the independent research and development, production, sales and related services of ophthalmic medical devices. The main products cover the two major areas of surgery and optics, and target the two major eye diseases that cause blindness and visual impairment, cataracts and refractive errors. The core product in the field of surgery is intraocular lens, the core product in the field of optics is orthokeratology, and a series of supporting products developed and produced around these two core products.

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